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Coaching You and Your Small Business to Financial Fitness

When we first met Ron we were $150,000 in debt, behind in our bills and the creditors were calling 20 times a day. I finally talked my husband into letting someone else help us, because everything we had tried was not working. We had been through Financial Peace University, read Dave's books and even saw him live. Things only seemed to get worse, and I had had enough.

When we met with Ron for the first time, he looked over our finances, our budget and so forth. He honestly told us that we were in deep do-do, however he ever once said that we could not work our way out of our situation. He gave us hope!

He helped us make some changes in our budget; things we did not see. He encouraged us to change some of our ways in what we were doing. He asked us if we really needed this or that. He wrote a detailed plan for us to follow. We went home and worked the plan. We got on a budget that Ron helped us revise, started the envelope system, quit eating out, sold a car, had a garage sale and sold things on eBay.

We had a follow up visit with Ron and things were looking up. Since our first session with Ron, we have paid off approximately $20,000 in debt. The creditors stopped calling, we have maintained our emergency fund, and we are still selling things on eBay. We pay cash for everything by doing the envelope system.

Ron keeps in contact with us through e-mails and helps us if we ever have a question. He always has good things to say. I know that with his encouragement, sense of hope and prayers, we will get out of debt. We couldn't have done this without him!

Walking closer to Financial Peace, James & Kaye (Guthrie)

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